“Be Where Your Feet Are”

Clichés present such a beautiful paradox. People often use the term in a derogatory sense to diminish a statement that someone has just made. I am sure at some point we have all heard someone exclaim “Ugh what a cliché!” But the funny thing about clichés is that they are overused for a reason—in one simple platitude lies a very deep and profound truth. The ones that don’t resonate with an individual receive a remark much like the one above; however, the ones that do strike a chord become an integral part of that person’s daily vocabulary (what some might call “Words to Live By”). Recently, I came across an expression that has opened my eyes tremendously: “Be Where Your Feet Are.” This phrase touches on the chief component of the popular practice known as Mindfulness. In Mindfulness training, the focus is on simply being present, existing in the HERE and NOW. Although there are countless expressions regarding the aforementioned principle, this one is by far my favorite.

We spend so much time in a world that has already transpired or has yet to exist that we often forget to be a part of the tangible world we are currently in. “Be Where Your Feet Are.” The expression does not mean to completely neglect the past nor does it mean we must fail to acknowledge the future. Rather, we accept how the past has led to this moment and understand that the only way to have any impact on the future is to control that which we can in the present. We do not impact the future by anxiously looking ahead and wondering what will occur. Our actions HERE and NOW, are the only real gateway to both the past and the future. We must recognize the value in every moment. What transpires in the present—should we choose to be a part of it—is the missing link that so many of us are looking for between the past we are not fond of and the future we long for. We must first exist within the world around us before we can go about shaping it. To be consumed by the future or the past is to be detached from the present, wherein all of our power lies. Leave your mark by existing with every fiber of your being in this moment, now, and still now, and also now. “Be Where Your Feet Are.”


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