Goals: Balancing Desire and Satisfaction

Recently, a mentor of mine opened my mind immensely with regard to the goals I am setting. The concept is a difficult one to grasp—not as a theory, but rather to firmly apply to life—yet I believe it is a missing link for so many people who feel unfulfilled in life. More often than not, highly driven people (in fact, most people) design their lives such that the best version of themselves is always in front of them. As we climb the ladder towards our goals, a new top rung inevitably emerges after each triumph; this is the epitome of the “rabbit and dangling carrot” metaphor. To reiterate what I have already touched on in earlier posts, there is a direct link between thoughts and reality. The moment a thought appears in our mind it is now REAL. Whether or not that reality comes to be is entirely dependent upon our DESIRE to TRANSFORM that idea into something tangible through ACTION.

In other words, once we establish a goal in our mind it is now a reality that we can either bring about or extinguish. Therefore, it behooves us to conduct ourselves as though we are already in possession of that goal while in the process of bringing it about. Frankly, we are already in possession of that goal internally—just not its physical counterpart. This is a challenging concept; however, it essentially boils down to whole-heartedly knowing that your goal will be achieved. You have the VISION; you possess what you are seeking, and now it is your job to translate it into an external version.

To adopt this mentality is to find the balance between DESIRE and SATISFACTION. One can (and should) be totally content while struggling to achieve something because we are merely DECODING our goals from the LANGUAGE OF THOUGHT into the LANGUAGE OF PALPABILITY. Both are equally as concrete. Imagine you are a linguist, working to decipher the Rosetta Stone. Whatever goals you may set, you have/are them RIGHT NOW; you are merely undergoing the painstaking process of translation.


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