Activate Your Passion

As I sat on a plane flying from Nashville to Los Angeles, I came across some pages in the book I was reading that did not sit well with me. The author—much like many other psychologists—was discussing finding your passion and, conversely, what happens when someone has lost that spark. Don’t get me wrong, everything he said was incredibly positive, but I did not find it to be an accurate portrayal of what PASSION truly is. One does not FIND his/her passion. This implies that it is something outside of us that must be searched for and sought out. Nothing could be further from the truth. The spark that is ignited is internal. We ACTIVATE our passion once we reach a certain level of SELF-AWARENESS. The reason people feel that they need to “find” this quality (as if it is one that can be obtained) is because the amount of awareness required to uncover what we truly desire typically comes through the accumulation of our experiences over time. Those experiences are cultivating our INNERSTANDING, such that when we encounter something in the world that is aligned with our PURPOSE, the voice inside of us stands up and shouts that it is home. More likely than not, we have already been exposed to that which we truly desire; however, we lacked the awareness to hear our spirit speak.

In case you couldn’t tell from everything I have said thus far, I don’t believe in losing passion either. Just because a volcano is dormant does not change what it is. A bear in hibernation is still a bear. Passion is an energy that is always readily available; it merely requires the right vibration to harmonize with in order to be AWAKENED. If we feel that we have “lost” our passion for something, then there was an alternative driving force behind those actions. Take for example, a common occurrence in sports. A young player enters the game hungry for success. He wants the fame, the wealth, and the stardom. Once he has acquired those, his passion for the game is “lost.” His passion was never for the game itself, but for the perks that it brought him. This is an easy example to make the distinction, often times the true driving forces are far less obvious. While passion can never be lost, it can change shape. Take for example, someone who can no longer physically perform the tasks that his/her passion demands. Or perhaps even someone who changes career paths all together. Regardless of the field we are in, if we know that it is in alignment with our PURPOSE then we are still expressing the very same passion. The essence remains, molding itself as we grow and transform, finding new manners of expression. So I implore you to stop scouring the earth. Instead, look within and see your PASSION sitting in the exact same place it always has been, waiting for you to live in a fashion that allows it to speak!


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